Technology Transfers

The transfer of University technologies is initiated by disclosures of University technologies by its faculty, staff and students to the University's Offices of Technology Management (OTMs) at its Urbana and Chicago campuses.

Technologies are evaluated for their potential. Where appropriate, transfer of such technologies is usually accomplished through licensing to external entities that meet certain threshold requirements and agree to certain terms and conditions, including a requirement that exclusive licensees will commercialize the technology diligently. External entities can include start-ups, commercial companies and not-for-profits. The OTMs are responsible for licensing University technologies to such external entities.

The Office of University Counsel interprets the applicable laws and policies and provides advice to the OTMs on legal terms and conditions in licenses and other technology transfer agreements. For more information on the University's technology transfer process and start-ups, see the University's website on Innovations at the University of Illinois or specific campus OTM websites at Urbana or Chicago.