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Leadership Team

University Counsel: Tom Bearrows

  • Senior Legal Administrative Associate: Esther Fregoso
  • Business Administrative Associate: Faye Chambers
  • Office Support Specialist: Soledad Tellez

Deputy University Counsel: Scott Rice

Director of Operations/ Strategic Services:  Karen Quinlan

  • Assistant Director, Business and Contract Administration: Andrea Turner
  • Business Specialist: Michelle Waldner
  • Coordinator, Legal Information & Invoice Management: Morgan Johnson
  • Business Office Staff: Vacant


Campus Legal Counsel - UIUC Collin Richmond

  • Senior Associate University Counsel: Andrea Schneider
  • Associate University Counsel: Benjamin Ford
  • Associate University Counsel: Yulee Kim
  • Associate University Counsel: Wendy Smith
  • Associate University Counsel: Sandra Allain
  • Assistant University Counsel: Seth Baker
  • Assistant University Counsel: Jacob Croegaert
  • Assistant University Counsel: Brett Schnepper
  • Asst/Associate University Counsel: Vacant
  • Legal Analyst: Xianmei (Grace) Jiang
  • Legal Fellow: Kai Packard
  • Administrative Assistant: Mary White
  • Litigation Services Coordinator: Lori Heinz
  • Office Manager: Michele Macaraeg


Campus Legal Counsel - UIS: Rhonda Perry

  • Administrative Aide: Lydia Schillinger


Campus Legal Counsel - UIC: Michael Melendez

  • Senior Associate University Counsel: Cynthia Alcantara
  • Senior Associate University Counsel: Margaret Woulfe
  • Senior Associate University Counsel: Michael Harte
  • Associate University Counsel: Renee McCarthy
  • Associate University Counsel: Chris Limperis
  • Associate University Counsel: Claire Reed
  • Associate University Counsel: Matthew Jones
  • Associate University Counsel Alexandra Relias
  • Associate University Counsel: Megan Stoll
  • Visiting Assistant University Counsel: Gabrielle Levy
  • Legal Fellow: Elizabeth Lee
  • Director of Claims: Stuart Allen
  • Sr. Claims Analyst: Lisa Homer
  • Claims Analyst: Angel O’Brien
  • Claims Analyst: Vacant
  • Procedures & Systems Analyst: Vacant