Board Governance

Attorneys provide timely legal guidance on interpretation of, and continuing compliance with, various State statutes and Board of Trustees policies, including the University of Illinois Act, University of Illinois Trustees Act, Board of Trustees Bylaws, University Statutes, University General Rules, Open Meetings Act (OMA), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), State Officials and Employees Ethics Act, and other Federal and State regulations related to Board of Trustees governance.

Advice is also provided by the Office of University Counsel to the Board of Trustees, the President, Chancellors, and other senior administrators on many of the items presented to the Board of Trustees for its consideration. The University Counsel advises the Board of Trustees at all of its meetings regarding legal issues that may arise and serves as Parliamentarian at Board of Trustees and committee meetings. The University Counsel (or his designee) also participates in planning/strategy discussions concerning Board of Trustees governance issues.