The University of Illinois Office of University Counsel

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Office of University Counsel provides excellent training for future leaders in the legal profession and beyond. 

Post-Graduate Fellowships
The Legal Fellows program, founded in 2009, is a highly selective one-year post-graduate program employing graduates from the University’s College of Law.  Over the past five years, the Office has employed ten Legal Fellows who are graduates of the University College of Law. Fellows work closely with Office of University Counsel attorneys and staff, as well as key University administrators at all campuses, while developing unique and practical skills they will carry throughout their careers.  Interested students should contact the University of Illinois College of Law Career Services Office for additional information.

Law Student Externships
Each semester and during the summer months, the Office of University Counsel partners with the University of Illinois College of Law’s Externship Office to provide practical and research experience opportunities for second- and third-year law students interested in gaining experience in an in-house setting.  Students work closely with attorneys to assist on pending matters and conduct critical research projects. In exchange, student law clerks are eligible to receive academic credit or a Pro Bono recognition from the College.  Interested students should contact the College of Law’s Externship Office for additional information.