The University of Illinois Office of University Counsel

University of Illinois System

Information Technology & Security

Information technology services at the University are provided at University, campus and unit levels. A wide variety of services are available to support the education, research and public engagement missions of the University, including the provision of computing, networking, telephone, and instructional technology infrastructure as well as educating and responding to privacy, security and appropriate use issues relating to University information and data. University attorneys advise University and campus units on the associated laws, regulations and policy issues.

Key policies and guidance in these areas include:

  • The University IT Policies and its Administrative Information Technology Services (AITS) service unit.
  • The Urbana campus Information Technology Policies and its Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES) service unit.
  • The UIC campus information technology Policies and its Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) service unit.
  • The UIS campus IT Policies and its Information Technology Services @ Illinois Springfield (ITS) service unit.

If you have questions about information technology, you should first contact the University AITS Service Desk, the Illinois campus CITES Help Desk, the UIC campus ACCC Consulting and Help services or the UIS campus ITS Tech Support/Help Desk, depending on which service you are utilizing.